I am hoping to get back to blogging. I had to take some time to figure some things out here at home. Someone called hubby and he went off on the fact I was blogging personal stuff so I moved this and have made sure that no one in the family or his friends have access to this blog. I have not been using names but…. He stated this was unforgivable. The good thing is we talked again and it was a good talk. I still don’t know where we are headed, I just wish that he had actually read what I posted instead of him going on what someone said to him. They told him that I was only staying cuz of the kids, which I have never said. I didn’t start this blog to talk about him and me anyway, it was about me, he just is included in some of it.

The last few days our best friends were in town so I took some time off work and have a great relaxing time. It ended on a sad note last night though. We lost one of our dogs. We live out in the country and our dog, like many here, protect our driveway from the ferocious 4 tired vehicles that go by. It is a dirt road and the speed limit is so slow that it should never be a problem. People know my house by this dog but someone was careless and hit him, we believe. He was out only about 5 minutes and someone came to our door and told us he was gone. I suppose it is possible that something else happened. He had a bad back and fell all the time, he could have fallen down the hill and broken his neck or something else. He was an old dog but it does appear that he was hit and died instantly. It was a long night for all of us and it is too quiet here in the house today.