Why can’t people accept the people in their lives for who they really are? I recenly posted a youtube video on FB that made poked fun at marriage. I thought it was quite funny and some of my religious friends thought so, too. Others, took it so seriously and even took me off their FB lists. I am still the same person I was before that post. I am not a religious person. I am a recovering Catholic. I used to be very involved in the church. Was in Young Life, went to camp with them, preached the heaven and hell thing to non-believers, etc. I don’t know when I realized I didn’t believe anymore but I don’t. That does not make me a bad person. I still have values and morals, I am just not afraid of going to hell and feeling superior cuz I am going to heaven anymore. In my mind, that is not logical. I respect others right to have their beliefs and I just wish they would do the same for us non-believers. I do not need to believe in a superior being but understand that for a lot of people this is comforting to them. That is their right. I just wish that my friends and family would accept me and my children for our views also. I hate that I have had at least 2 members of my family decide not to communicate with me cuz of it. I guess I am glad I am not going to the wedding next month as the bride and groom both dumped me on FB.