Days like today just suck and I am so greatful for drugs. Yesterday, I was a bit sore, nothing terrible but enough that I tool some ibuprofin and also my Skelaxin to try to head this off. I did my traction last night, heat, streatching, and husband did some therapy that my PT taught him. I took another Skelaxin as well as an Ultram before I went to bed hoping that I woudl wake up better today but NO WAY. I am in the throws of a full fledged attack in my neck. I did the traction first thing this morning and could hardly lift my head. I could barely move when I went to work this morning but thanks to my meds that I rarely take, I was able to function. I am so glad none of the patients with backs not as bad as mine came in bitching today cuz I don’t know if I would have been able to be nice to them. We have one that always whines cuz she has one bulging disc. She acts like her life is over and she cannot function without drugs all the time. She is becoming addicted to the drugs if she isn’t already. I refuse to go that route. I will take these for a couple of days and then stop again. I have had this bottle of 30 pills since May. Too many people in my position become addicts to our pain killers that we truly need on days like today.  Hopefully, I will be a bit better tomorrow. At least I have nothing that I HAVE to do so I can therapy all day if needed. Maybe, I wil have one of the kids US my upper back and neck.  It always helps.