What would I have done this past few years without my friends. As hard as it was to be losing so many people to death, I am so greatful for the people that remain in my life. Being a military brat, I never truly learned how to make lifelong friends. I always knew people were in my life for just a couple of years and then they would be gone. I have had a few people defy that in my life. I am sure it wasn’t easy for them to make sure the friendship continues due to the fact that when they weren’t in my every day live I was able to let them go. One is my dear friend, Bob. He and I met in college and had one year together developing a friendship that now has spanned 21 years. He tells me what  great friend I have been to him but to be honest, he has taught me what friendship is all about. Without him, I don’t know where I would be today.

My other dearest friend, is one my my many Lisa’s. If she reads this, she will know who I am speaking about. She is a dear woman that accepts me for me no matter how our beliefs differ. She has only been in my life for about 7 years now but I hope I never lose her. I love her dearly.

My newest friends are  dear Claudia, Maria, and Brenda. I feel I can vent to them  about anything and everything. I am so lucky that there are several women at work that I feel very close to but I thought I was closed off when I started my current job but they have helped me open back up.

So here’s to friendship. I am so thankful for these  people and the other people that have helped hold me up recently. I hope i can return the favor someday.